About us

Monu Verma Artist in Indore – a small town in Madhya Pradesh India – of great antiquity with a remarkable heritage of Painting and Rangoli Art. While in school he made Paining images of gods and goddesses. He started painting watercolours of river scenes while still at school and then then painting thereafter. He mastered the technique of Murti painting at Government College of Art, Indore. His single minded determination to acquire formal training paid off when he came to Indore to join the Indore Fine College.
Monu Verms adventurous, experimental personality has prodded him to explore in all mediums – drawings, rangoli, Jhaki, Decoration, installation and sculptures, Wall Painting. Monu uniqueness lies in his rediscovering the charm, flavor and magic of India in his paintings. Rajasthan has been the human inspiration behind his work. He has done series of works on almost all facets and destinations of India and then across the seas to Madhya Pradesh, UP. He has painted them all

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